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Prepare For Your Child Custody Evaluation

As a parent, going through a child custody evaluation may be the most overwhelming task you have ever taken on. You worry about losing access to your children. You fear that the court may take away your right to make parenting decisions. You and the other parent are not seeing eye-to-eye, or even worse, you are locked in a full-on child custody battle with the other parent. Now, you have to complete a child custody evaluation and you are very concerned.


Dr. Lombard’s course is here to help reduce your concern and fears. This course will help you to be prepared for your child custody evaluation. This course reviews the process you will go through, the types of interviews that are usually done, the variety of psychological testing that you may have to complete, and how best to prepare for each step of your evaluation.  In Dr. Lombard’s over 20 years of experience, 95% of parents have read nothing about child custody evaluations prior to starting their evaluation. They were not truly prepared. Be one of the 5% who take the time to prepare by completing this video-based course. Being prepared, you will be much more likely to have a successful outcome to your child custody evaluation.

197.00 USD