Meet Dr. David

Dr. David Lombard is a certified health coach and licensed clinical psychologist who works with women and men who desire to lose weight, improve their health, increase their daily physical activity, manage their chronic illness better, reduce life stress and reach optimal healthy living.

David knows that weight management and fitness is a lifelong struggle for many of us. We have all tried diets, gym memberships, purchased exercise equipment, and read many books on how to improve our health and fitness. However, David knows that traveling that path alone is a path to failure. Working closely with a certified experienced health coach is the best clinically proven way to obtain and maintain optimal healthy living for a lifetime.

David has served as a health behavior consultant for the USAF Surgeon General’s Office. He has conducted health behavior research for the National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Health. He has also conducted research on obesity and weight management for the Surgeon General’s Office. David has published numerous research articles, book chapters and presented at professional seminars on weight management, health behavior changes, and exercise.

David is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified health coach. He earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1993, and completed his residency at Malcolm Grow Medical Center in 1994. David completed a post-doctoral training program in obesity and chronic disease management at Wilford Hall Medical Center in 1996, and he also holds a certification as a health and wellness coach from the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education.  

Outside of the passion of coaching, David loves working with various veteran’s organizations in his community. David served in the military for 22 years and is a retired USAF Lt Col. When he is not working, David loves spending time with his eight children, three grandchildren and cat (Ginger). You can usually find Ginger sitting on David’s desk or his lap when he is on coaching calls.


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